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27 Oct

1 Comment Straight Talk About Gay Marriage


I know many readers will have seen this already. For those who have not, don’t have the sound too loud in a public place. Language warning for those with sensitive ears. Pure joy warning for those who want to see some straight talk about gay marriage and equality. Straight Talk About Gay Marriage from […]

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25 Oct


NSW Labor — Degeneration versus resilience


[Continued from the last post] The erosion of the ALP’s long grip on the working class vote in NSW has been spectacular, reflecting the long-term processes that Left Flank has repeatedly drawn attention to. Yet it can still rely on a significant party organisation, and even more so the active endorsement (or at least passive […]

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23 Oct


Last drinks for the NSW Labor Party?


It is now received wisdom that the NSW branch of the ALP is responsible for everything that is wrong with Labor politics in Australia. Even smug Victorian state ministers have felt comfortable parroting this line publicly. In particular, the argument goes, the NSW Right are a bunch of unaccountable thugs who singlehandedly destroyed what should […]

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13 Oct

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On the Twitters


I swore I’d never sign up to Twitter. “What’s the point?” I’d ask. “It’s just status updates like Facebook.” In June 2009 I found myself deciding what my Twitter username would be. What bought about this change in attitude? Well, Grods, if you must know. Scott made the announcement that Bron had signed up. She […]

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04 Oct

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The Pope, the Vatican and the limits of liberal critique


If the protests against the Pope during his recent visit to the UK prove anything it is that the Vatican has really upset people. But beyond that, the motivations behind the protests are a complex mix of righteous anger, progressive criticism and reactionary sentiment, with the boundaries between them difficult to tease out. What is […]

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