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06 Sep

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The Left, the Greens and the crisis (from Overland)


Peak Greens?

My long-form essay on the trajectory of the Greens since 2010 is now up at Overland Journal‘s website, and will be in the print edition due out next week. No comments option at Overland, so feel free to comment below. The rise of the Greens represented a historic realignment of the Left of Australian politics, […]

10 Jul


Caught flat-footed: The Greens without Gillard


Too much the consummate politician?

Today at The Guardian I have a piece on the Greens’ strategic dilemmas after cosying up so close to the Gillard government. With the political class loathed by many ordinary voters, it should be no surprise the Greens have suffered politically and in the polls from their association with Gillard and the “old Labour” project […]

14 Apr


An opportunity too easily missed: The Left & the post-Brown Greens



Cross-posted at the Left Flank blog at Overland Journal What does the change in leadership of the Australian Greens mean for Left politics? At one level it would be easy to write off the shift as largely irrelevant, proof that there is an essential continuity in the party’s drift into the mainstream. Given Christine Milne’s […]

26 Mar


Zombie social democracy, or the ALP as Australia’s political ‘Walking Dead’



When watching the last few episodes of US cable TV series The Walking Dead, it struck me that the title has a double meaning, that Sheriff Rick and the other survivors of the zombie apocalypse are also among the dead who roam the planet’s surface. They’re still animated to do all the usual human things […]

10 Feb

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Is this what democracy looks like? The NSW Greens & the campaign against the BDS



The latest issue of The Monthly and my response in The Drum on Monday (here, reposted at Left Flank here) have stirred public interest in the sharpened political debates about the future of the Greens. On Thursday, The Australian ran a curiously subdued feature on the party by Christian Kerr that also pulled a lengthy quote the Drum essay. One area that deserves more […]

06 Feb

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The Greens at the crossroads: ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ matter more than you’d think


‘Factional rifts, personal animosities and turf wars’ My latest article on ABC’s The Drum, looking at the politics and ideology behind the growing tensions in the Australian Greens, and why these debates matter. In the last decade there has been a dramatic reconfiguration on the Left of Australian politics. The ALP’s support has dropped to […]

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20 Sep

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Limits of liberal critique: Murdoch, the media & the Manne Quarterly Essay


Not so omnipotent anymore    Cross-posted from Overland Journal‘s blog and ABC’s The Drum.  The ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas, i.e. the class which is the ruling material force of society, is at the same time its ruling intellectual force. The class which has the means of material production at its […]

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15 Sep

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Australia’s ‘Left’ in government. Part 2: Greens trapped in a prison of their own making


Since when did building a climate movement mean cheerleading neoliberal government policies? In the last post I argued that the deep crisis of the Gillard government is also a crisis of the Greens and the Left more generally. By effectively entering a “Left” government the Greens have replicated the disastrous strategy of Italy’s main party of the […]

11 Sep

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Ten years since 9/11: What have progressives really learned about war & Islamophobia?


  The tenth anniversary of 9/11 has seen TV outlets promo tribute after tribute, where the message is clear: the tragedy of the twin towers requires of us an uncritical outpouring of grief.  The now ten years old footage, which has been replayed so very many times, is still raw and powerful: people jumping from burning […]