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28 Mar


Greece: Truth, responsibility & honesty with ourselves



KEVIN OVENDEN writes from Athens on continuing moves to re-legitimise the neo-Nazis of Golden Dawn on the eve of their trial as a criminal organisation, and responds to voices that have tacitly defended some of the perturbing concessions to chauvinism coming from within the new Greek government. Following his essay is some background on the legal […]

23 Mar


Athens: Crisis, racism & new figures of resistance



KEVIN OVENDEN wrote this report from Athens just after Saturday’s anti-racist day of action there. I’ve not seen the centre of Athens so black since August of 2012 and the massive protest against the onset of the Xenios Zeus anti-immigrant police sweeps. Not the black of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union. Its party colour gives rise […]

12 Mar


Tariq Ali & Luke Stobart: Podemos, crisis & movements


Alexis Tsipras & Pablo Iglesias at a Syriza election rally

Within a year of its creation, Podemos became the main opposition party in Spain. Analyses of its rapid rise have centred on its unorthodox and ambitious political approach and the different forms of participatory democracy practised (however imperfectly). Less has been said about the relation between the Podemos phenomenon and the Spanish context of major […]

04 Mar

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The worrying re-legitimation of Golden Dawn


The 2013 arrest of Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Mihaloliakos

The intervention of SYRIZA MP and Speaker of the House Zoi Konstantopoulou during the first (and so far sole) session of the Greek Parliament sent a chill through the country’s anti-fascist movement. The Speaker proposed the postponement of the parliamentary sitting because the District Attorney had not given permission to the MPs of Golden Dawn […]

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27 Jan


Some thoughts on the deal between Syriza & ANEL



This was written as part of Kevin’s live blogging of the post-election manoeuvres, in response to the shock many readers felt at Syriza’s coalition agreement with the right-wing ANEL (Independent Greeks). We thought it deserved a standalone post that people could come back to easily, before Kevin delivers his final dispatch — a  full post-election […]

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24 Jan

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Dispatch from Athens #12: Show some Left initiative


Protest outside the ERT occupation, June 2013

NOTE: Kevin’s liveblog of the election is already up & running HERE Let’s show some initiative on the Left It’s pouring down in Athens. It’s not put a dampener on people’s spirits, however. A quick visit to the local square for a coffee brought me into an animated discussion with a fluid group of people […]

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23 Jan


Dispatch from Athens: Greek Election Liveblog


Tsipras victory

#VoteSyriza2015 Greek Election Liveblog [View the story “#VoteSyriza2015 Greek Election Liveblog” on Storify]   Previous dispatches Left Flank exclusive: Daily reports on Greece’s election Dispatch from Athens #1: Rules of the game Dispatch from Athens #2: The Right cornered, but fighting Dispatch from Athens #3: Fear meets a movement of hope Dispatch from Athens #4: […]

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