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10 Jan


Dispatch from Athens #2: The Right cornered, but fighting


Greece’s national-chauvinist prime minister Antonis Samaras

The Right: cornered, but fighting for its life There are a lot of significant elections in Europe this year — including Britain’s general election in May. Tomorrow’s “Republican march” of national unity in Paris has morphed into a display of “European solidarity” — or, spelling it out more accurately, of solidarity between European political leaders facing angry […]

02 Oct


Who let all these Aussie-born Jihadists into the country?



I’ve written a piece on how no-one seems to want to come to terms with the homegrown nature of the current terrorist threat in Australia. It’s up today at New Matilda. When Sydney’s Daily Telegraph ran a front page on Numan Haider titled “Jihad Joey” it was not to agonise over what kind of country […]

12 Jul


Free PDF version of On Utøya available



On July 22, 2011, Anders Breivik, a Right-wing writer and activist, killed more than sixty young members of the Norwegian Labour Party on Utøya island. Captured alive, Breivik was more than willing to explain his actions as a ‘necessary atrocity’ designed to ‘wake up’ Europe to its betrayal by the Left, and its impending destruction through […]

26 Jul

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Australia’s Islamophobes & right-wing ideologues praised in Breivik’s manifesto


Keith Windschuttle UPDATE 26/7/11: It is apparent that Breivik was pretty committed to lifting material straight out of other far Right tracts. His praise for Howard and Pell appears to to have originated here and the Windschuttle comments here. Thanks to David Brophy for pointing out the former reference. As with all the links to far Right sites […]

25 Jul

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Terror in the eye of the beholder? Norway, the far Right & the state-media complex


This weekend was a salutary lesson in how terrorism is treated by the media and political establishment. The lesson may surprise you, because there are two narratives constructed: Firstly, with outrage, linking of associations on the basis of zero evidence, calls for continued military action and tightening of domestic security (read: curtailing civil liberties) to […]

10 Aug

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Terrorist go home


Guest post by ClaireA. This morning on our way to the city my husband told me how his cousin’s car had been smashed up and he’d been left a note — “go back to your own country terrorist”. Welcome to Australia, 2010. H lives and works in a remote mining town in Western Australia. He […]

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