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13 May


The Greek inferno: First the unravelling, then the rupture


Read mainstream accounts of the massive electoral realignment in Greece and you notice a strange use of terminology. The pro-austerity parties — especially conservative New Democracy and centre-Left PASOK — are called “pro-bailout” and “moderate”, while the parties that oppose austerity are called “extremist” and “hard-line”. And there’s a tendency to portray the rise of new […]

10 May

Comments Off on A Dangerous Method: Cronenberg, psychoanalysis and science

A Dangerous Method: Cronenberg, psychoanalysis and science


Film review cross-posted from our Overland blog. A lot has been written about David Cronenberg’s masterful A Dangerous Method (2011) in terms of what it tells us about the strengths and weaknesses of the psychoanalytic movement, about the growing conflict and eventual rupture between Sigmund Freud (Viggo Mortensen) and Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender), and about […]

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