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27 Apr

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Breivik update: A thoroughly modern fascist media strategy



My piece from Overland Journal’s website earlier this week. I also spoke to the L.A. Times on this topic last weekend. Based on his own criteria, the response of Western political and media establishments to Anders Breivik’s murder of 77 people last July has played out much better than he could have hoped. I have […]

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20 Apr


Language, violence & politics: Breivik trial puts liberal democracy to the test


All part of a ‘fair’ trial: Breivik shakes hands with a court psychiatrist

With Anders Breivik’s trial underway, Left Flank will be analysing the politics both here and at the Overland website. Below we reprint the first of two parts of an abridged extract from the e-book that Guy Rundle, Elizabeth Humphrys and I edited last year, On Utøya: Anders Breivik, Right Terror, Racism and Europe. The chapter […]

14 Apr


An opportunity too easily missed: The Left & the post-Brown Greens



Cross-posted at the Left Flank blog at Overland Journal What does the change in leadership of the Australian Greens mean for Left politics? At one level it would be easy to write off the shift as largely irrelevant, proof that there is an essential continuity in the party’s drift into the mainstream. Given Christine Milne’s […]

13 Apr

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You are not who I thought you were: Race and ‘The Hunger Games’



This post was first published at Overland Journal earlier this week.  In high school my English teacher gave advanced reading to students who were keen, and the first novel was To Kill A Mockingbird. Harper Lee’s book is a story of racism in the American South, as everyone knows, but it also included a salutary lesson […]

08 Apr

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Misdiagnosed anxiety: David Marr and the politics of Panic



Welcome to the first post of the new Left Flank. We’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress, hosted at the lovely As you can see we’re still working on porting all the old comments from Disqus to the new platform. Time to change your RSS feed or subscribe by email (see the sidebar on the […]