Monthly Archive: August 2012

17 Aug


Trapped by orthodoxy: The Greens and the myths of the market


Are Greens campaigns like this soon to be a thing of the past?

In the last week the Australian Greens have played an important role in denying the illusion of consensus over the asylum policy “compromise” reached between the major parties. However, in recent years they have also increasingly adapted their economic policies to neoliberal orthodoxy. The Tasmanian Greens have led the charge, with leader Nick McKim becoming […]

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03 Aug


Asylum seekers, the Left and the case for open borders



Left Flank has been away on holiday, but we’re back now. Below is a repost of my response to the sickening asylum seeker “debate” that happened in late June. Since then the issue has been shifted off to an elite “expert” committee which, as The Piping Shrike has pointed out, represents the exhaustion of the […]