New year at the left flank and some little changes we’re making around here

by · January 10, 2011

We wanted to take this opportunity to wish all our readers a Happy New Year, and to thank you for reading, commenting on and getting interested in Left Flank in 2010. Starting just before the federal election was called in July, we’ve been very excited to get such a big reception and to see our readership build right up to the end of the year, when our piece on Wikileaks, the state and hegemony became the most popular post of the year.

We’d like to thank Overland JournalLarvatus Prodeo, ABC’s The Drum Unleashed and Crikey for hosting our writings also.

But building up an audience quite quickly means stretching the limited capabilities of the Blogger platform and so regular readers will have noticed that we’ve just added a new comments system, powered by Disqus, which is more intuitive and reliable than Blogger’s buggy affair (and which allowed us to import all your old comments).

There’s also a change in how to subscribe to posts and comments by RSS, and while the old posts feed will still work, you’d be better off switching to this new one:

To subscribe for comments on all posts (because the old feed doesn’t work anymore) then click this:
People using Google Chrome as their browser will need to cut & paste the links into their RSS reader — but you probably knew that already. Disqus makes it very easy to subscribe to each individual comment thread (see bottom of each post).

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