liz_beths interviewed on ‘The Third Degree’

by · June 12, 2011

Given our article on The Drum this week, about the carbon tax debate, it seems timely to post a link to a recent episode of The Third Degree: Environment and Social Justice Radio on 2SER in Sydney. The program was the first in a series of discussions under the theme ‘The Carbon Kerfuffle: Critical Discussions in Climate Change Policy’. The first episode explored the question of market mechanisms to address climate change, and interviewed Elizabeth on this and the legacy of neoliberalism.

Listen to the full podcast or just the interview in one of the Mixcloud players below. It is also available for download from Mediafire, and the interview with Elizabeth comes in at about the 14 minutes 30 second mark.

The program is live every Thursday morning from 9 to 9.30 am on 2SER 107.3 FM. You can also download shows, and read the details of episodes, at the show’s blog. The program is hosted by James Hitchcock, Jessica Consalvo Minshall and Simon Unwin.

The Third Degree 12/5/2011 — 2SER — Carbon price as neoliberalism by Dr Tad on Mixcloud

Liz_beths on 2SER’s The Third Degree by Dr Tad on Mixcloud