Left Flank at Historical Materialism in London

by · November 6, 2014

HM London Poster

Historical Materialism’s 11th annual conference — How Capitalism Survives — begins tomorrow at SOAS, Vernon Square, in London. Four writers and contributors to Left Flank are speaking.

On Friday morning at 9.45am, Elizabeth Humphrys, Tad Tietze and Luke Stobart are speaking in a session on ‘Anti-politics, social movements & the practical critique of the state’ (Room V121) — along with Jonny Jones.

Elizabeth Humphrys & Tad Tietze – ‘Abolishing the present state of things’: Reconstructing Marx’s critique of politics and the state

Jonny Jones – Some thoughts on ‘anti-politics’ in austerity Britain

Luke Stobart – The politics and ‘anti-politics’ of Podemos

On Sunday at 2.30, Kevin Ovenden is speaking on a capitalism and race panel on ‘The Jewish and Muslim Questions: The political moment in the social reproduction of race’ (VG03).

Registration is available at the venue. Full details here. You can download the full programme here.