Islamism, secularism & Left strategy: A debate at Overland Journal & blog

by · June 8, 2011

I knew I’d get in trouble for writing a post entitled “Who’s afraid of the Muslim Brotherhood”. And so it was that Overland’s editorial overlord, Jeff Sparrow, roped me in to debate Michael Brull on the topic of “Political Islam is not a friend of the Left”. My contribution has just come out in Overland 203.

You can follow the debate like this: Michael writes the affirmative case here, and then I respond in the negative here. Michael replies here and I respond here. There are copious references to examine here.

Better yet, rush out to buy a print copy (issue 203 has all sorts of other cool stuff in it) or — best of all — why not subscribe. You won’t be disappointed!

To help launch this issue, Overland’s Clare Strahan has interviewed both of us about more recent developments, what inspires us to be writers and on the Left, and you even get to find out what my favourite song ever is. What more could you want?

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