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13 Jul

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Historical Materialism Australasia lands in Sydney — 20-21 July


ONLY ONE WEEK TO GO! The inaugural Historical Materialism Australasia 2012 Conference is on next Friday and Saturday in Sydney, featuring a wide range of Marxist scholars and activists (and activist-scholars!) presenting new research on political economy, philosophy, human rights, democracy, history, culture and more. One look at the program will tell you this is shaping up to […]

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04 Jul


Steve Keen’s critique of Marx’s Theory of Value: A rejoinder


With good reason Sydney-based economist Steve Keen has developed a local and international reputation as a sharp critic of neoclassical economics. For performing this valuable service he has earned the scorn of the neoliberal ideologues dominating mainstream economic commentary. Yet Keen is also a critic of Marx’s approach to political economy, and Left Flank here […]