21 Sep

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Greece’s radical Left experiment: An obituary (Part 1)


The results of the Greek election, with Syriza again able to rule with the help of the hard-right nationalists of ANEL (the Independent Greeks), represents a further blow to the radical Left political project in Europe. Syriza now has an electoral mandate to implement the austerity deal it agreed with the Eurogroup, and which saw […]

17 Sep


The murder of Pavlos Fyssas: a political anatomy


On the occasion of the second anniversary of the murder of Greek antifascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas, we are publishing a detailed account and political analysis of the crime and the neo-Nazi organisation behind it, Golden Dawn, written by THANASIS KAMPAGIANNIS, one of the lawyers involved in the trial. Left Flank strongly encourages all our readers […]

17 Aug


End times for Abbott’s prime ministership?


Let’s get something clear right away — same-sex marriage has not been and will not be the kind of issue that could destroy Tony Abbott’s prime ministership. Electorally, despite overwhelming popular support for equal marriage rights, it has consistently been a lower-order issue in terms of votes. And within the party room Abbott is on the […]

13 Aug

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Sexy Capitalism


Sexual and gender oppression is inherently connected to capitalist society, and Left Flank regular Simon Copland has just started crowdfunding his book project on this topic. You can hear Simon discuss his book and make a donation to his campaign, on his page with ByLine. About his book Sexy Capitalism documents the role that capitalism has on sexual and […]

15 Jul

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Sex and society (6): Liberation or Equality?


Welcome to the sixth and final blog in the Sex and Society series. Over the past five blogs we’ve looked at the growth of the nuclear family, its connection to class society, and how the oppression of women and queers manifest today. Last time we looked at love and marriage — how our modern manifestations […]

29 Jun

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Sex and society (5): Love & marriage


Welcome to blog five in my sex and society series. Today we will ask the question, what’s love got to do with it? Over the past four posts I’ve spoken extensively about the connection between the nuclear family (whether gay, lesbian, straight or other) and our class and capitalist society. But, how does that connect […]

19 Jun

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Sex and society (4): Capitalism & gay oppression


  I don’t support gay marriage despite being a Conservative. I support gay marriage because I’m a Conservative. This statement by British Prime Minister David Cameron was heralded by many as a major win for gay and lesbian people. Lesbian and gay rights had now, it seemed, moved away from being a narrow concern of […]