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26 Mar


Zombie social democracy, or the ALP as Australia’s political ‘Walking Dead’



When watching the last few episodes of US cable TV series The Walking Dead, it struck me that the title has a double meaning, that Sheriff Rick and the other survivors of the zombie apocalypse are also among the dead who roam the planet’s surface. They’re still animated to do all the usual human things […]

20 Mar

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Malcolm is not so in the middle



Here’s my latest for ABC’s The Drum website, published yesterday. Australian politics has a strange ‘centre’ at the moment, and the dial seems increasingly to fall at the feet of Malcolm Turnbull. His presence on shows like Q&A results in both calls for him to reassume the Liberal Party leadership, and the suggestion he is an ALP member in disguise. Analogies […]

17 Mar

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Call for papers: Historical Materialism Australasia mini-conference 2012



Following on from last year’s successful Capital Against Capitalism conference, this year will see the first official Historical Materialism Australasia mini-conference, to be held in Sydney on Saturday 21 July. Below is the call for papers. The website for the conference can be found here. The website for the Historical Materialism journal and book series can be found here. Historical Materialism Australasia […]

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13 Mar

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Is the ALP’s condition terminal? A crisis of social democracy



  My latest piece for ABC’s The Drum was published yesterday. Here is the original text for your reading pleasure. Comments most welcome, and I will try to respond. A flurry of excitement gripped federal politics in the last fortnight — from Kevin Rudd’s failed challenge for the Labor leadership to the parachuting of Bob Carr into […]