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11 Jun


Post-Budget: Just what the hell is Abbott up to?



In today’s Sydney Morning Herald, Economics Editor Ross Gittins portrays Tony Abbott as a political “chameleon” who went from being a soft “populist” before the election — backing Labor’s spending commitments, promising minimal cuts despite saying that the Budget deficit needed to be reversed, etc. — to “an inflexible ‘conviction politician’ who doesn’t seem much worried […]

24 Mar

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Whatever happened to the Indignados? 2: Regime crisis


Catalonia 11 Sep

After the weekend’s million and a half strong “March for dignity” in Madrid, once again showing that the wave of radicalisation that has swept Spain since the 15-M protests of 2011 is far from over, LUKE STOBART returns to Left Flank with the second instalment of a special three-part analysis of the Indignados movement and […]

17 Mar


Whatever happened to the Indignados? 1: Radical struggle


David Flores Torrecillas

LUKE STOBART with the first instalment of a special three-part analysis of the radicalisation that has swept Spain since the 15-M protests of 2011.   *** Anti-politics and the 15-M movement On 15 May 2011 the new collectives Juventud Sin Futuro (Youth Without Future) and ¡Democracia Real Ya! (Real Democracy Now!), demonstrated in Madrid using […]

30 Dec

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2012 in review: The year that politics disoriented the Left


Immigrants protest against Greece's neo-Nazi Golden Dawn

Just before 2012 closes out, I’m reposting my last Overland blog of the year, which originally appeared here. In some ways it is a summing up of themes we have developed at Left Flank since we started in mid-2010; chiefly in our attempts to present not just a general ideological or theoretical approach to the […]

25 May

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An exciting mix of 1968 and 1789, but where next for the #spanishrevolution?


> Special Guest Post from Barcelona by Gemma Galdon Clavell On 22 May, a week after thousands of people across Spain turned a series of demonstrations into massive sleep-ins that are still holding strong, the conservative Popular Party (PP) won a historic victory in the municipal and regional elections. During the ensuing celebration of the […]

22 May

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‘Revolutions arrive too late or too early, but always when they’re not expected’


> Here’s my rough translation of a thoughtful analysis of the Spanish revolt, which was written for the Viento Sur website a few days ago. It locates the movement’s origins not just in the economic crisis and austerity measures of the Zapatero government, but the impasse created by the trade union leaders’ decision to back […]